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Adityanath Dewoolkar

Oracle Tablespace monitoring using Python scripting

Dear Readers, I am planning to convert most of the scripts I currently use for Oracle DB monitoring, into python in near future. But why am I fascinated with Python?? Its very easy to understand. Its open source & most important its platform independent. So here comes python code to […]

GRID 19c AIX patching with GI RELEASE UPDATE fails with CLSRSC-196: ACFS driver install actions failed

Today while applying “Patch 30501910: GI RELEASE UPDATE” on recently upgrade GRID home from 12.2 to 19.6, I received error related ACFS ==> CLSRSC-196: ACFS driver install actions failed. Command used for patching ==> opatchauto apply -oh /u01/app/ /u05/ADI/patch/30501910 Detailed error is as given below: Execution of [SIHAStartupAction] patch […]