DB startup taking significant time on newly installed 19c RAC cluster

Dear Readers, Trust you are doing well!!! In this post, I will discussing about an interesting issue I faced recently on newly installed 19c 4 node RAC cluster, wherein DB startup using command “srvctl startup database” was taking significant time. Each DB startup took around 15-20 minutes, sometimes more than […]

A day well spent @OCYATRA2022!!!!

Hello Readers, Trust you are doing well!!!! A day well spent @ #ocyatra2022 !!!!!! Thanks so much Sai Penumuru , All India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG) for organizing this wonderful event !!!! Awesome sessions by Sandesh Rao Mike Dietrich Connor McDonald Jim Grisanzio Mandar Modak Veeratteshwaran Sridhar Aishwarya Kala (she/her) […]

Applying OJVM July 2021 patch(32876380) on GI HOME fails with “ArchiveAction: Destination File “$GI_HOME/lib/lib*****.a” does not exists or is not writeable” & “ApplySession::apply failed: mv: 0653-401 Cannot rename $GI_HOME/lib/lib*****.so”

Dear Readers, In this post, I am going to write about the issue I faced while patching GI HOME with July 2021 OJVM patch(32876380) post applying July 2021 GI RU patch(32904851). I had a requirement to apply patch 32900083 (GI RU & OJVM Combo July 2021) on GI HOME, which […]