Does a delete on a table with where condition requires select privileges along with delete on a table???

Dear Readers, Trust you are doing well. Today I am writing about an interesting issue which we faced today. The application team did complain about one of the job failure with error “ORA-01031: insufficient privileges” while running delete statement on one of the table: Ofcourse first check I did was […]

ORA-01031: Insufficient Privileges while creating mview in different schema.

Recently I faced very interesting issue, when user was complaining that he is getting (SCHEMA:TEST1) ORA-01031: insufficient privileges while creating materialized view under different schema (SCHEMA:TEST2) though TEST1 has DBA role assigned. For TEST1: SQL> select * from dba_sys_privs where grantee=’TEST1′; GRANTEE PRIVILEGE ADM —————————— —————————————- — TEST1 UNLIMITED TABLESPACE […]