Start of clusterware fails with – CLSU-00100, CLSU-00101, CLSU-00103, CLSU-00104

Few days back, I was working on a issue where in Clusterware was not coming up on UAT environment. Daemon ora.crsd was OFFLINE.

I tried to start ora.crsd daemon using command “crsctl start res ora.crsd -init”, but failed giving following error:


I tried searching about error on metalink and google but didn’t get anything useful.

As per error it has something to do with disc quota, CLSU-00101: Operating System error message: Disc quota exceeded.

After checking on server, I found /u01 (Oracle/Grid binary location) was 100% full.

After clearing space on /u01, I was able to start ora.crsd without any issues.

Hope so u will find this post very useful 🙂




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