Why should people attend AIOUG events :-)

Dear Connections,

I was chatting to one of my dear friend yesterday during Sangam19 and he turned to me and asked “Why should people attend any AIOUG events”. It made me pause to think for a moment. Any type of such events is going to take up your time and will usually cost a decent amount of money. In addition, you’re taking time away from work & its not for vacation.

This post is to share my personal top reasons as to why people should attend AIOUG events:

Expand your professional network:

These events provide great opportunity to network with like minded people and industry peers.It is always helpful to have a healthy professional network. These events bring together people from all different geographical areas under single roof. Also this helps you meeting with people in your field that you haven’t connected in a while.

Expand your knowledge:

No matter how experienced you are at your field, everyone can learn. These is the best opportunity to hear from all Industry experts in person. You will meet all Oracle Gurus wherein they will share their experiences, their learning on the latest technologies. Also you can get guidance from them, also you can clear your doubts.

Learn beyond your skills:

When you are working for the same company for the years, your work & knowledge can become monotonous. Most of the times due to busy work schedule, its very difficult keep yourself up with the technology changes and advancements. These events can help you to know about newest technologies in the market also you can plan your careers accordingly.

To present yourself:

These events are the best opportunities wherein you can market yourself, share your ideas, knowledge. Here you can meet someone who can influence your professional career dramatically. You can develop a reputation as an expert to your peers.

Get certified:

All AIOUG events, provide your considerable discounts on all Oracle certifications. Especially in during Sangam19 Test Fest, people completed their certifications almost in free of cost.

Have Fun:

Last but of course not the least is the fun part. These events are fully filled with fun activities. These events can be a much needed break from your day to day life.

I am happy share some of the best pics from Sangam19:


Hope u will find this post very useful. 🙂




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