Resolved: OEM DB target is showing down status though connection test is successful.

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Recently I faced strange issue with one of my Database instance target on OEM. It was showing down status, though connection test was successful with no errors:

Target DB version: 19.8
OMS version:
OEM Agent version:

PFA screenshots explaining exact issue:

Even I tried removing & re-adding target without any success.

I thought of running few commands on agent side to get more information about the issue I was facing:

emctl config agent listtargets

Okay I can see my target.

emctl status agent target,oracle_database

This confirms there is issue with my target.

emctl getmetric agent,oracle_database,Response

Okay now I can see what is the issue. This is compatibility issue. My OEM agent is & has difficulty in communicating with 19C DB target.

I added below 2 parameters in sqlnet.ora of my 19C DB Oracle home as a workaround, so it will allow OEM agent connection.


After adding this parameters, I was able to resolve the issue:

Now I can see my target is up on OEM OMS GUI too.

Hope u will find this post very useful.




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